Clare Controls

Clare Controls - Home Automation Made Simple Clare Controls can manage your security system, surveillance cameras, smart lighting, thermostat, water sensors, water shut-off valves, shades, door locks, entertainment systems and others

ClareHome provides extraordinary insight into your home’s status, allowing you to check (and control) many of your applications from wherever you happen to be. Better still, however, is its ability to reach out to you – anywhere in the world – with vital intelligence.

  • Take immediate action when the temperature in your home strays outside a preset limit, suggesting trouble with your climate control system.
  • Respond quickly at first sign of jeopardy. Like when your security system receives an unscheduled disarm command. Or if an outside camera detects motion when no one is home.
  • Avert damage when water is detected where it’s not supposed to be.

Or just rest easy knowing your loved ones have all returned safely home.

With ClareHome, staying informed is easy.